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The Case of the Delaminating Red Lead Primer

When the new topcoat on a bridge’s primer started to delaminate, the asset owner laid blame on the contractor. But could it have been caused by something else?

CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

Composite Repair System Preserves Florida Oil Tank

When the plant manager for a Florida oil and gas operating company discovered three holes in a sour crude oil tank, this emergency repair solution allowed the client to avoid total tank replacement.

CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

Flexible Coatings Crew Beats Heat at Australian Steel Plant

The Australian applicator and distributor developed a novel approach when a steel production plant needed a solution to their issues with high temperatures and chemicals, which had taken a toll on many conventional coatings at their facility.

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Epoxy Paste Protects Perimeter of Colombian Oil Tank

When the perimeter of two welding rings on Ecopetrol’s naphtha storage tank in Colombia showed metal loss, an eight-person coatings crew from nearby Imantt Solutions applied a high-strength epoxy paste to combat the corrosion.

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Steel Tank Touchup 30 Years in the Making

It’s not every day that a contractor can say they worked on a project that they’d initially coated some 30 years before, but that's what happened on this job at an industrial steel tank in Iowa. It was time to bring the tank’s system to the 21st century.

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Repainting of WWII-Era Radio Towers

LORAN towers have a history that reaches back to the early days of radio navigation. Five of these landmarks got a fresh coat of aviation orange and white in 2018, thanks to a team of painters who do all their painting while suspended by rope.