White Papers

Achieve Longer Lasting Coatings Through Superior Surface Preparation

Achieving total cleanliness will ensure longer-­lasting coatings. The final stages of surface preparation are the most critical and the most often neglected. Many of the available tools simply do not deal with late-stage surface preparation adequately or efficiently.


Chemical Resistance of High-Performance Mortars in Wastewater Environments

In order to preserve the concrete structures, the ideal plan of action has been to coat the concrete with a barrier material. These materials have typically been epoxy and urethane-based.


Analysis of the Direct or Indirect Measurement of Solar Reflectivity of Coated Roof Surfaces

The purpose of this paper is to outline the results of testing, either directly or indirectly, the solar reflectivity of a coated roof surface as defined by ASTM C1549 using instrumentation that is not currently recognized by ASTM Subcommittee C16.30 for testing reflective roof coatings.