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January 2015

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CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

Recoat Brings Brewery Tanks Bock to Speed

When neutralization tanks at a German beer production facility were found to have extensive internal corrosion damage, there were two options: replace the tanks or rehabilitate and recoat the inside of them.

CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

Fresh Ingredients for Farmers Market Roof: SPF and Silicone System

When the Atlanta Farmers Market’s 22-year-old roof started leaking over vendors, goods, and customers, the owners knew that a solution was essential. After all, it wouldn’t be right if the market’s roof was leaking on those famous Georgia peaches

CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

Epoxy Floor Sparkles in Artists’ Center

As a part of the transformation of an abandoned public school building into an affordable haven for aspiring artists in the heart of New York City, Imperial Flooring Systems was tasked with installing an epoxy terrazzo flooring system in the entrance and main corridors of the 116-year-old facility.

CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

Recoat Heats up on Steel Exhaust Stacks

Industrial Fabrications contacted PennCoat through its website, but when the coatings contractors arrived onsite, they found a few hurdles to overcome on this recoat project.

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