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November 2015

Peak Performance: Coating a Natural Gas Power Plant

They go by many names: peaking power plants, peaker plants, and sometimes just peakers. But there is no change in the important role these power plants play. Their power supply is only called upon when there is more need for electricity, usually during peak hours in summer afternoons.

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Science Behind It: Mosture-Cured Magic

Most people who have been in the coatings industry for a while know how a two-part epoxy cures. In the most basic of terms, an epoxy resin is combined with a curing agent, or hardener, and the two of them chemically react with one another to create a cross-linked film.

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Secondary Containment Upgrade Heats Up!

Concrete and polyurea seem to go hand in hand in the secondary containment world. This winning duo was no different at the Leffler Energy jobsite in Lancaster, Pa., when the containment that was supposed to be protecting the ground from accidental oil spills started showing signs of aging.

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Fighting Floods in Wisconsin: A Stormwater Storage Story

With a history of water problems, the City of Appleton, Wis., faced a deluge of difficulties. Residential and commercial property owners were very concerned about flooding on their land. Storm water didn’t stop there; it was even impacting local emergency response units and their ability to navigate the city. The city council needed an innovative solution. Midwest Industrial Coatings promised to deliver.

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All Hail! Recoat of Hail Damaged Roofs in Texas

Roofing contractors in Texas and Oklahoma are accustomed to seeing roofs ravaged by frozen rain. “We work in what is referred to as the ‘Hail Belt.’ That being said, many roofing companies around the country have office sites in Dallas or other major cities in Texas and Oklahoma. Hail damage is a very real concern for building owners and should be dealt with as soon as possible,” said Robert Norrell of Galt Construction.

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OSHA’s Initiative On Employer Injury and Illness Prevention Programs

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) doesn’t kill jobs; it helps prevent jobs from killing workers. Supported by decades of empirical evidence, this message has been confirmed by a peer-reviewed study published in Science, one of the world’s top scientific journals, but we will also discuss it here.

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Three Ways to Approach Life: Only One Is the Winning Way

Business executives have coaches and mentors who help them get better. Sometimes they don’t like what they are told, but after conversations settle in, they might actually hear what it is that the coach is saying. At the heart of every conversation is usually this: How can one be more successful and happy? The answer lies within each person, and that is not just whimsical talk. It is about their perspective and their priorities.

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