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November 2018

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CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

All Around Seamless Coating System

For Accurate Technologies Inc., which makes devices for Ford Motor Company and Shaurya Racing, a new facility at their worldwide headquarters outside Detroit, Michigan, meant an opportunity for a new look. The powers that be wanted a system for the floors, walls, and ceilings that would not only be functional but also attractive.

CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

SPF Roofers Extend Life of Historic Mississippi Skyscraper

But after nearly 100 years of use as an office building, real estate owner Mattiace Properties figured it could use a facelift, including a plan to transform it into a multi-use complex with luxury lofts up top and retail space down low.

CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

Coating a London Waste Barge: A Snapshot

A new barge needed to be prepped and coated by EPIC Painting Ltd. before it could transport non-recyclable waste down the Thames River in London. The article was originally published in the inaugural Maritime News issue. Get a quick snapshot here!

CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

Prepare for Family Business Quarrels Before They Happen

There’s no such thing as a family business without conflict. If you Google “family business feud,” in less than a second, you’ll get roughly 1.2 million hits. And that of course is the tiniest fraction, which doesn’t include the number of family business disputes that do not show up in the Google search engines.

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