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Best in Roofing Picture: California Shop Restoration

With more than 250 sunny days each year, the city of San Diego, California, is renowned for its mild climate and beautiful weather. But all that “fun in the sun” can take a toll on anyone or anything with constant exposure — and that’s especially the case with older, darker roofs.

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SPF Roofers Extend Life of Historic Mississippi Skyscraper

But after nearly 100 years of use as an office building, real estate owner Mattiace Properties figured it could use a facelift, including a plan to transform it into a multi-use complex with luxury lofts up top and retail space down low.

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San Diego Roofers Go Green

According to Paul Batista, vice president for San Diego Roofing, the company used green products to complete approximately 12 to 15 projects this year. He claims that this is due to increased customer interest in green coatings, particularly over the last 10 years.

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Nonstop Flight to New Roof Coatings

Three hangars had been leaking for eight years. And with winter on its way, time was of the essence to finally start fixing the leaks.

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Editor’s Pick: South Florida Style for a Town Hall Roof

South Florida is known for its abundant sunshine as well as its intense afternoon rainstorms during the summer months. Put these two weather conditions together with close proximity to the equator, and rooftops can definitely take a beating from Mother Nature.

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Spooky Town: Coating the Walls and Roof of a Mausoleum

The purpose of the mausoleum was for it to house Miller’s family when they were laid to rest. Only 15 of those crypts were ever occupied, and recently the bodies were moved to a local cemetery. And it was discovered that the 100-year-old structure was in need of protection.