Grow Your Coatings Business — With Insights From Asset Owners

Asset owners rely on coatings contractors to help keep their tanks, bridges, pipelines, etc. protected. Contractors depend on asset owners to increase their business. Knowing what challenges, concerns, and opportunities that the asset owners are facing and will face in the future may help you work more efficiently, safely, and overall, successfully with owners moving forward.


Roof Coatings: The “Cool” Side of Roofing

This webcast will discuss some of the general day-to-day items when designing and executing successful roof coating projects. This information will touch on some historical changes with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and how those changes may have an effect on successful coatings projects. Overall, this webcast will address items that can potentially minimize the risk of failures with roof coatings and application.

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New Category of Blast Abrasives From 10X Engineered Materials

10X Engineered Materials is introducing a new category of abrasive blasting media made of ultra-safe, ultra-strong mineral alloy particles. Engineers at 10X will explain how the particles are formed into a unique material matrix that yields breakthrough speed and surface quality with no health or environmental risks (including no free silica and no beryllium).

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LOD and Specifications for Improved Construction Collaboration

Construction documentation is ever-changing. The graphic information shown on drawings and represented digitally in a model help quantify the amount of product to be applied. However, only non-graphic information provided in specifications can help clarify the quality required for the acquisition, application, and inspection of a product or assembly. Coatings are almost completely specified in this non-graphic environment.

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The 500 Series: MPI and Navy Specifications

Join us as we explore MPI's new 500 Series standards. Developed by MPI and the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), these new standards represent both a clear path for manufacturers to join the Approved Products List as well as a way for specifiers and architects to leverage the rigorous requirements originally set forth by the Navy.

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A Systematic Approach to Coating Failure Analysis

This webcast presents a structured protocol, or methodology, developed by the presenter to conduct a failure analysis of a coating system. It includes nine structured steps that should be considered when conducting any coating failure analysis.

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Interpreting COVID-19 Legislation's Impact on NACE Members' Small Businesses

Join NACE policy experts as we provide in-depth analysis on COVID-19 relief measures and how they affect NACE small business members, contractors, and self-employed individuals. To date, Congress has passed three bills to provide protection and benefits for individuals and increase funding opportunities for industries and businesses in need. Learn more about how the legislation can help you.

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Advantages of Polyurea Installed Panels vs HDPE

This webcast will illustrate the advantages of polyurea installed panels over HPDE (High Density PolyEthylene). The presenters will provide actual field examples of how these liner systems can be installed over a variety of applications and environments in less time.

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Corrosion and the Amusement Park Industry

The introduction of NACE International to the amusement park industry will bring awareness of NACE’s extensive corrosion resources and knowledge, which other industries have relied on for 75 years. NACE will provide information on the basics of corrosion and corrosion control methods and provide case studies that show various infrastructure failures due to corrosion.

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The Economies of Corrosion Management in the Maritime Industries

Incorporating corrosion mitigating measures into planning, design, construction, and operations can be seen as an unreasonable cost given the "over the horizon" nature of the risk. Therefore, often minimum attention is given up front to the risk of corrosion compared to other more immediate hazards. Learn why you should avoid waiting until the problem becomes visible, and stop "chasing rust."

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A Primer on Polyurethane, Polyurea, and Polyaspartic Construction Coatings

Polyurethanes, polyureas, and polyaspartics - three coating types synonymous with high performance and durability - will be compared in this fun tutorial aimed at the non-technical user and decision-maker in the Infrastructure segment. The scope will include these coatings as they relate to field applied Constructions and Corrosion applications.

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Put Down That Blast Nozzle!

In this webinar, participants will learn about the factors they should consider before purchasing an abrasive blasting machine as well as how to choose the right hose, nozzle and compressor for a wide range of jobs. Also get deeper understanding around selecting a media type, setting a blast pressure and getting precise control from Graco’s EcoQuip 2 abrasive metering valve to achieve optimal performance.

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