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July 2019

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Flexible Crew Restores Roof at Chicago Business Complex

The crew at West Roofing Systems developed a multi-pronged coating and spray foam solution for the roof of a business complex in Round Lake Beach, Illinois, consisting of distinct primer treatments installed at unique rates on two different single-ply membranes.

CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

Steel Tank Touchup 30 Years in the Making

It’s not every day that a contractor can say they worked on a project that they’d initially coated some 30 years before, but that's what happened on this job at an industrial steel tank in Iowa. It was time to bring the tank’s system to the 21st century.

CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

10 Tips to Successfully Grow Your Business

If you are the founder a small coatings company, growing your business is forever in your thoughts. How should you seek to attract a bigger network, and ultimately sign more contracts for your services? Here are 10 effective tips for expanding your business.

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