Navigating Today's Wet and Vapor Abrasive Blasting Technologies


Title: Navigating Today's Wet and Vapor Abrasive Blasting Technologies

Sponsored By: Graco

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Methods of combining water with abrasive blasting to reduce dust has existed for decades. While new regulations to the abrasive blasting industry are forcing more companies to consider wet or vapor abrasive blasting, the perception in the market still remains that wet methods are messy, unreliable, and not much different than a wet slurry coming out of the blast nozzle.

To combat these attitudes, manufacturers are introducing new equipment and technologies to the surface preparation and cleaning markets. In this webinar, you will learn about different wet and vapor abrasive blasting methods, their advantages and disadvantages, and five things to consider before choosing your next blasting equipment.


Lowell Wade Hannon (Wade) is an area sales manager – Specialty Products for Graco Inc. In this role, he is responsiblefor equipment demonstrations, technical support, distributor development and sales support, marketing and promotion, trade shows and internal sales support for High Performance Coating and Foam product lines, including EcoQuip and ToughTek.

Prior to joining Graco, Hannon was the vice president of marketing and distributor development for GEOBLASTER®, where he managed all marketing, branding and promotion of GEOBLASTER Equipment. Through his more than 15-year marketing career, Hannon has held a variety of positions in different equipment companies, including serving for three years as an owner/operator of Geo-Blast, Inc. In addition to his marketing, branding and promotional responsibilities at Geo-Blast, Hannon operated GEOBLASTER Wet Abrasive Equipment in private, municipal and commercial blasting operations, maintaining the equipment and supervising sits, training and bidding projects.

About Graco

Graco Inc. supplies technology and expertise for the management of fluids and coatings in both industrial and commercial applications. When Minneapolis-based Graco began investigating the blasting market, the equipment seemed like the perfect fit with the company’s history of moving, measuring, mixing, controlling, dispensing and spraying a wide variety of materials. After carefully researching the pros and cons of both dry blasting and methods of wet abrasive blasting, Graco launched the EcoQuip 2 vapor abrasive blasting system.