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Benefits And Features Of Urethane Cement

Learn more about Westcoat's Temper-Crete™ Urethane Cement Epoxy System here.

Sika Inspired Floor and Wall Surfaces

When designers and architects look to Sika, amazing is their expected outcome and we deliver. As the world’s largest manufacturer of resinous floor and wall systems, we have engineered solutions for any environment. Check out the video below to see everything that Sika has to offer, including unlimited colors, textures and finishes to help you create your own masterpiece.

Belzona Celebrates 70th Anniversary

Stephanie Chizik, editor for AMPP Publications, and Joel Svendsen, president of Belzona, discuss the 70-year history of Belzona and what the future will bring. Learn more about Belzona at www.belzona.com

AXXIOM Unveils New, Innovative Technology At Coatings+ 2021

Stephanie Chizik visits Bill Nelson, Vice President of Abrasive Technologies, to learn about their newest technology releasing this year; the BAABS, Blasting Accessory and Bracket System. Learn more about AXXIOM here, www.axxiommfg.com/.

Texture-Crete® by Westcoat

Westcoat's Texture-Crete® is the perfect system to beautify pre-existing concrete surfaces and add a decorative and durable finish to your pool deck, walkway, patio, or driveway. To learn more about Texture-Crete®, visit: https://www.westcoat.com/systems/texture-crete/

Bullard's Ongoing Dedication to Safety

Stephanie Chizik discusses Bullard's response to OSHA's standard for respirable crystalline silica with Mitchel Kiser. Visit Bullard at World of Concrete in January 2022 to see what PPE they have to offer in person.

Jotacote Universal S120 Releases to the U.S. Market

Steven Feldman explains how this new epoxy with patented Covallox technology prevents corrosion for 20-30 years - bringing cost savings and environmental benefits to the industry.

CoatingsPro's November 2021 Issue Overview

CoatingsPro Magazine Editor in Chief Stephanie Chizik has an update on what you will find in this month's issue.

SOPREMA Pre-Cut Fleece Time Trial

Product comparison featuring SOPREMA’s ALSAN® Pre-Cut Fleece and Polyfleece application with ALSAN® Flashing. How much time can ALSAN® Pre-Cut Fleece save you on your next job?

CPP Series Overview with Epoxytec

Stephanie Chizik talks with John Thompson, National Sales Manager and Technical Consultant at Epoxytec about their CPP Series (ultra-high build, high strength applied FRP epoxy) and its ability to provide solutions to Repair/Protect/Maintain all aspects of Water and Wastewater infrastructure.

Welcome to CoatingsPro Magazine!

CoatingsPro Magazine takes a real-world look at commercial and industrial coating projects. Learn more about CoatingsPro from this informational video. Subscribe for FREE today at http://coatingspromag.com/subscribe.

CoatingsPro's September 2021 Issue Overview

CoatingsPro Magazine Editor in Chief Stephanie Chizik has an update on what you will find in this month's issue. Tune in for more information on what will be featured in this month's issue.

Intensive Care for Hospital Roof

North American Roofing Services, based out of Tampa, Florida, performs a roof restoration on a Jackson, Mississippi hospital. In this video, you will see substrate conditions, unusual project factors, and much more.

Chem Link E-Curb Installation

Chem Link's E-Curb Penetration Seal System is highly versatile with incredible time savings. Plus, our products support the advancement of more sustainable solutions. Check out our video to see our products in action!

Podcast Interview With Tony Serdenes

Tony Serdenes joins CoatingsPro Editor in Chief, Stephanie Chizik, to talk about the history and outlook of the coatings and contracting industry. To listen to more podcasts please visit coatingspromag.com/podcasts.