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PPG SANISHIELD Coating System for Facility Maintenance

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Fast-curing and flexible polyurea protective coatings

PPG knows that maintaining your facility can be challenging. Over time, destructive cleaning chemicals and harsh environments can degrade many food facility coatings and substrates. This can lead to damage to wall panels and concrete, as well as issues like rust and peeling or flaking paint. From dealing with shutdown interruptions to meeting strict safety requirements, you need a solution that works for you.

Introducing PPG SANISHIELD 3000/5000 to the Protective and Marine Coatings product lineup. This aromatic polyurea high-build base coat (3000) in combination with an aliphatic polyurea top coat (5000) offers fast return to service, ease of cleaning and a high degree of flexibility. Designed for tough to coat places like transition zones, cracks and porous substrates, PPG SANISHIELD 3000/5000 stands up to frequent wash downs with many harsh chemicals, including cleaning agents, sanitizers and disinfectants.

Our innovative new polyurea coating system is your solution for high-performance facility applications and interior building surfaces.

Polyurea Coating System Application

PPG SANISHIELD 3000/5000 was engineered to be used on walls and ceilings only in food and beverage plants, pharmaceutical facilities, and cold storage rooms.

This effective, easy-to-clean coating system is an alternative to inferior coatings, as well as fiberglass and stainless steel wall systems. With an extremely fast cure and high film build compared to conventional coatings, it allows for short shutdown interruptions and provides a smooth finish.

PPG SANISHIELD Coating System for Facility Maintenance

Product Benefits

See why your facility and operations will benefit from the protection provided by PPG SANISHIELD 3000/5000.


PPG SANISHIELD 3000/5000 is a fast-drying coating system, which means quick recoat times for fast return to service. Its flexibility limits the need for sealants, and its high film build improves cleanability. This polyurea coating system is easy to maintain as it wipes clean and maintains its bright appearance.


We know that your food facility coatings need to stand up to extreme abuse. PPG SANISHIELD 3000/5000 has outstanding chemical resistance, including against many cleaning agents and disinfectants, as well as outstanding abrasion resistance for long-term durability.


At PPG, safety is one of our top priorities, and we strive to ensure our coatings meet your facility’s requirements. PPG SANISHIELD coatings are tested to ASTM E-84 for Flame Spread and Smoke Development Index, meet Class A or Class 1 in accordance with International Building Code (IBC) and NFPA 101® Life Safety Code®, and have ultra-low VOC <17g/L. Our coatings are also suitable for incidental food contact applications, which is required for walls and ceilings in food manufacturing.


PPG SANISHIELD coatings are an investment in your facility, as they work to improve the overall look of your facility and provide a clean, professional environment. With excellent color and gloss retention, PPG SANISHIELD coatings are able to maintain a bright white surface.

Your facility walls and ceilings take a beating day in and day out. Protect them with the new PPG SANISHIELD 3000/5000 polyurea spray coating system that provides solutions for the most common food and beverage manufacturing coating issues. No matter what your coating challenges are, PPG is here to help.

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