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Predictive Solutions Launches SmartWork

Predictive Solutions, the worldwide leader in delivering actionable insights on workplace risk, is pleased to announce the launch of a new product line, SmartWork™

With over 310 million records, Predictive Solutions’ SafetyNet platform has improved safety and productivity at thousands of worksites around the world. SmartWork builds on the strength of the SafetyNet platform by adding new functionality across six modules:

SmartWork Collect: Simplify data collection using a smart form framework
SmartWork Analyze: Visualize data in meaningful ways that lead to action
SmartWork Process: Manage processes seamlessly using customizable workflows
SmartWork Predict: Assess workplace risk with predictive insight tools
SmartWork Community: Reach people anywhere and share critical data within groups
SmartWork Connect: Integrate into other business systems with ease

“SmartWork is the logical next step in achieving our vision of eliminating death in the workplace by 2050. We’re very

excited about these new capabilities that help users improve safety and productivity earlier, easier, and everywhere,” said Kent Szalla, General Manager of Predictive Solutions.