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Ergodyne Delivers on Style in Safety Glasses With Matte Black Frame Additions

Despite the fact that most worksites require eye protection, the Center for Disease Control reports nearly 2,000 work-related eye injuries requiring medical attention a day. Among the root causes is compliance – not wearing eye protection – which continues to be an issue on jobsites and in workzones. While there are several reasons for non-compliance, chief among them are poor function, improper fit and next-to-no fashion.

By adding on-trend matte black frames to Odin, Dagr and Baldr models in the Skullerz® Safety Glasses line, Ergodyne continues its effort to give workers eye protection they want to wear, on and off the clock.

“Cool drives compliance,” said Andy Olson, product director at Ergodyne, “and the addition of matte black frames gives workers another desirable option. Skullerz® Safety Glasses continue to prove themselves the perfect eyewear solution from the workday to the weekend.”

Like all models in the Skullerz® series, the new matte black additions are third-party tested compliant to ANSI Z87.1+ for High Velocity Impact protection and optical performance and meet the US MIL-PRF-32432 Ballistic Impact Fragmentation protection requirements. These three frames also meet the Canadian safety eye protection requirements of CSA Z94.3-2015. All Skullerz anti-scratch lenses, even clear, protect eyes from 99.9% of harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays.
“Any worker who needs eye protection, any safety manager who needs compliance, and any person who likes stylish frames at a great price – Skullerz® continue to raise the bar and deliver solutions workers want to wear,” said Tom Votel, president & CEO, Ergodyne.

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