Warren Brand on the Alternative Response Method (ARM)

Warren Brand, respected coatings industry consultant and longtime contributor to CoatingsPro Magazine, joins our podcast with information on his latest consulting company, the Alternative Response Method (ARM). Using specific tools and practices common to any endeavor in need of strategic thinking, ARM is designed to teach organizations and leaders about how to more intentionally approach their decisions, all while offering a proven framework for thinking and behaving differently when faced with options.

The ARM team is currently partnering with U.S. Air Force Pararescueman Senior Master Sgt. Derek Anderson, who played an important role in the miraculous 2018 rescue of 12 young athletes and their soccer coach at a flooded cave system in Thailand. Numerous films and documentaries have chronicled the historic events. According to Anderson, the framework and methodology of ARM accurately captured and articulated how his team made many of those pressure-packed decisions.

As part of the partnership, Anderson will be working with ARM in developing workshops, webinars, and ongoing implementation consulting for individuals and organizations on how to make optimal decisions. More ARM details are available in these presentation slides.

For more information, contact: Warren Brand, (312) 535-4848, www.armmethod.com