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Garland Transforms Gravel Roofs with Cool-Sil Eliminator

The Garland Company, a full-service roofing manufacturer and building envelope solution provider based in Cleveland, Ohio, announced the launch of Cool-Sil Eliminator, a one-component gravel surface leveler that adds waterproofing protection to a gravel built-up roof while preparing it for a UV-reflective surface coating.

Cool-Sil Eliminator is a low-VOC, ready-to-use dispersion of silicone rubber that can be applied easily via roller or heavy-duty airless sprayer to a dry, clean surface. The coating settles firmly between embedded rocks and cures tough, locking the remaining gravel in place with no rocks protruding more than ¼”. 

“For aging gravel built-up roofs that are still in good condition, restoration can reduce the disruption to day-to-day operations that a full replacement can cause,” said Ed Buczek, Director of Product Management for The Garland Company. “What’s more, by locking the embedded gravel into a monolithic and level coated surface, a building owner is also keeping all that gravel and other construction waste out of a landfill.”

Diversion of debris that would have gone to a landfill is just one of the sustainable benefits of Cool-Sil Eliminator. It is low-VOC and low-odor, meaning the application process is friendly to both contractors and the building’s inhabitants. After the product cures, it is ready for a highly reflective Cool-Sil topcoat, applicable either by brush, roller, or spray. The finished bright white roof will fight UV radiation, can lower both the building’s ambient temperature and utility bills, and is NSF 161 certified safe for runoff on nearby waterways.

Said Buczek, “The Cool-Sil product line is designed to deliver benefits for the building owner, the contractor, and the environment. With Cool-Sil Eliminator, we will extend the life of gravel built-up roofs with a labor-saving application that ultimately leads to measurable improvement in the building’s energy efficiency.”

Cool-Sil Eliminator is available now from any of Garland’s nearly 200 territory managers located across the US and Canada. To learn more about Cool-Sil Eliminator, please visit