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Senergy by Master Builders Solutions Launches Senerflex Vulcan NC Wall System With Non-Combustible Insulation Board

Senergy by Master Builders Solutions introduces Senerflex Vulcan NC exterior wall system incorporating ROCKWOOL Frontrock, a non-combustible stone wool insulation board.

The Senerflex Vulcan NC wall system seamlessly incorporates continuous insulation, air / water-resistive barrier and drainage for optimum heat, air, and moisture control with virtually unlimited aesthetic versatility. The system features ROCKWOOL Frontrock stone wool insulation, which contributes toward improved energy efficiency, thermal comfort, moisture control, and acoustic performance.

Senergy Senerflex Vulcan NC meets the requirements for use in fire-resistance-rated construction and any construction type (IBC Types I through V) when installed in accordance with Master Builders Solutions Wall Systems instructions.

"We are committed to expanding our product and system portfolio to offer innovative, sustainable, and high-quality solutions for the building envelope," said Katie Cvelbar, Industry Sector Manager at Master Builders Solutions.

"Senergy by Master Builders Solutions has offered the Senerflex Vulcan NC wall system in Canada for more than five years, and we're excited to bring this innovative solution to the US market to meet evolving building and energy codes as well as design preferences."

Senerflex Vulcan NC is a fully integrated and rigorously tested exterior cladding system that delivers all the benefits of Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS). The system can be used for new build and retrofit projects for commercial and residential construction.

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