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Base Materials showcases its commitment to R&D with the launch of a novel tooling material

Leicester, UK: Base Materials strengthens its long-standing commitment to investing in research and development to meet the needs of its customers with the launch of Ares 770, a new cost-competitive novel tooling material. The new proprietary resign system, which is made from syntactic materials, is designed for the manufacture of master models and patterns used in the production of carbon fibre parts, and for vacuum forming and thermoforming applications.

Suitable for use across a range of industries including automotive and aerospace, the new Ares 770 novel tooling material is suitable for use at temperatures up to +130 OC and boasts a fine surface structure, low coefficient of thermal expansion, excellent dimensional stability, and an inert surface for wide-ranging compatibility.   

John Miller, Managing Director of Base Materials, says: “The launch of Ares 770 represents a substantial investment in, and commitment to, leveraging our industry-leading research and development capabilities to enhance innovation and support our customers, particularly those in the UK, in these challenging times. 

“From automotive to aerospace and beyond, Ares 770 is a cost-competitive novel material that can help our customers to protect their margins without compromising performance.”

Base Materials’ Ares 770 novel material, which is manufactured in-house, is available in a selection of board thicknesses up to 200 millimetres. Base Materials also produces ancillary products including adhesives, sealers, and release agents.  

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