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JOTUN Introduces Jotacote Universal S120 Epoxy with Patented COVALLOX Technology

The Best Kept Secret in the Americas but not to the rest of the world until now. A Revolutionary Solvent Free Epoxy that can Protect Your structural steel, equipment in refineries, power plants and an abundance of assorted industries from the Deadly Attack of Corrosion for 20 and up to 30 years with so much more additional VALUE to give its customers as well.

Before you read let me ask you this question: Would you be interested if Jotun could provide an epoxy coating that could:

  • Prevent Corrosion for 20 and up to 30 years 
  • A Covalent bond is 10X greater than a typical epoxy H bond
  • Patented Double lock mechanism/almost “no under cutting”
  • Almost Zero “0” VOC emissions
  • No HAPs - Hazardous Air Pollutants
  • No Crystalline Silica
  • Flexible – excellent edge retention
  • Conventional air, roller or brush applied
  • Cut labor and use of maintenance coatings by ½ or more
  • 1st solvent free PSPC-WBT approved system in a single Coat
  • Solvent free with no exempt solvents
  • Low to no odor
  • Save on VOC permits, taxes, and abatement systems
  • Reduce Carbon footprint substantially
  • Use as a one coat system 
  • Compatible with most topcoats and substrates
  • Can be used in immersed applications

All this from one coating with COVALLOX TECHNOLOGY. Interested now?

JOTUN unleashes the “Best Kept Secret” in the Americas – Introducing Jotacote Universal S120 with groundbreaking COVALLOX Technology. Sixteen years in the making, we set our sights to accomplish and develop a groundbreaking epoxy which would not only answer all our Marine and Protective customers’ wishes, but also the world’s needs and requirements. The project looked daunting and possibly too complex to achieve them all at the beginning. Thirteen years of research and development with a team of our top chemists, vigorous testing, and assistance from some of the largest ship builders and owners in the world, we were able to commercially launch the product three years ago in Europe and Asia. Numerous ships and steel structures and components are now performing at sea protected by our COVALLOX Technology found in Jotacote Universal S120.  The results to date exceed our customers’ expectations.

When first embarked on this quest, we had three main goals in mind. The first was protecting our customers property from corrosion.  Did you know the annual cost of corrosion globally is US $2.5 trillion per NACE study a few years back.? That is equivalent to 3%-4% of GDP of most manufacturing countries which is spent on the debilitating effect of corrosion of property. Our customers assets can be found in the most severe climates, air pollutants, and sea water surroundings which only make corrosion more aggressive and costly to mitigate and control. If we couldn’t stop corrosion completely in thirteen years, we sure got very close, and the benefits of this are being shared by major shipbuilders today. We literally locked the vessel down with a protective barrier which is so robust it slows down and virtually doesn’t allow corrosion to penetrate and grow.

Our second goal was to save our customers a lot of additional labor and money. Damage to property and steel replacement due to corrosion wearing away the steel had to be minimized. The vast amounts of money spent on continued maintenance is mind boggling for most companies operating in extremely corrosive environments on land or sea. How long the coating can resist the corroding to the property they are supposed to protect during normal operations, the undercutting of water causing rust creep and lifting of the existing coatings prematurely all add to the enormous price to total life cycle costs. Can we significantly extend or better yet stop the maintenance cycle, stop the rust from causing damage and reduce the amount of labor and coatings needed to maintain that ship or facility for its complete life cycle? The answer is an emphatic yes, we can.  The patented COVALLOX™Technology exceeded our expectations with its unique use of Covalent chemical bonding between the paint and the substrate. A covalent bond is 10X stronger than the typical hydrogen bond used in epoxy chemistries in the past. This innovative formulation used Covalent bonds which chemically anchor the epoxy to the steel substrate. not allowing water to replace the Covalent anchors.  the original hydrogen bonds used for centuries in epoxies are quickly breached and replaced by water and other contaminates which increase rust and damage to your assets. Virtually no rust creepage or delamination’s of existing coating occurs after the coating is damaged exposing the steel.

Finally, our third goal was to reduce VOC’s emissions and develop a solvent free product. We exceeded our own expectations.  Our coating being solvent free and almost no VOC’s let’s you reduce the costs associated with VOCs including air pollutant permits, and taxes which are hurting businesses financially, mitigating VOCs are also quite costly. Excess VOCs can stop future growth capacity when the local VOC limits reach their allowable output for our customers. We stop the costly need for VOC abatement systems as well. We have no HAPs (hazardous air pollutants), no crystalline silica, no exempt solvents, and no carcinogens in our formula.

The conclusion is simple and a game changer for you and your company. Finally, a revolutionary new epoxy that is unique in its superior corrosion protection, durability, effect on the atmosphere and safety of your employees. 20 to 30 years with minimal corrosion. Yes Jotun, one of the Premiere Global Paint and Coatings Company has done the impossible yet again. Introducing Jotacote Universal S120 with patented COVALLOX™technology

The real question is are you using a typical epoxy to protect your steel now or are you switching to Jotacote S120 Universal Epoxy with Patented Covallox Technology? It is not a fair question is it since there is only one answer…of course. It saves us a lot of money, labor and offers the Best Corrosion protection in the industry for our facility and equipment for 20 and up to 30 years.