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Podcast: Cotney Construction Law CEO on the Legal Implications of COVID-19

Trent Cotney, CEO of Cotney Construction Law, joins the CoatingsPro Interview Series to examine the legal implications of COVID-19 for businesses involved with the construction industry. 

Topics include feedback he’s heard from the market, as well as strategies and resources available to help contractors navigate the coronavirus crisis in the weeks and months ahead. (Transcript)

"This is a critical time for a coating contractor's voice to be heard," Cotney said on the podcast with Ben DuBose of CoatingsPro Magazine.

According to Cotney, the leading business considerations for coatings contractors to pay attention to during the COVID-19 crisis include:

  1. Does the work being done qualify as an essential business?
  2. For those bidding contracts, are there specific COVID-19 contract provisions?
  3. Strategies to quickly navigate the new U.S. government relief bills

For additional insight from the construction law expert, tune in:

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