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Indev-ACT Announces its Robust ShingleMasterTM System for the Roofing Industries

Indev-ACT, a leading supplier of web gauging equipment, are proud to announce its ShingleMaster System that is designed to improve productivity, quality and bottom-line results for the roofing industries. Indev-ACT have continuously invested in state-of-the art measurement & control technologies. They offer the most comprehensive measurement and control portfolio of any supplier and set new standards for quality, reliability, precision, control and service. 

Roofing lines represent one of the most hostile environments for a web gauging system to operate in. Extreme temperatures and adhesive contamination represent major environmental challenges. Such systems often cannot be accessed or serviced while the line is running, yet are expected to perform with 100% availability. Indev-ACT's extensive process knowledge and systems experience with this application has resulted in the ShingleMaster becoming the roofing industry’s preferred web gauging system. This comprehensive, feature-rich, reliable system includes: 
Enclosed air purge frames with sensor wipes
Smallest commercially available C-Channel for sensors 
Multi-bearing precision-aligned linear rail & track
Sr-90 source with continuous temperature compensation
New powered electrometer for the highest measurement precision
Anti-flutter measurement capability
Ethernet TCP/IP-OPC network protocol
Beckhoff PLC open control system
EnvisionULTRA 4K HD Operating Software
RemoteViewTM remote measurement maintenance
DataMart Server & Cloud-Based data storage, retrieval & reporting
Indev-Act’s extensive sensor portfolio can measure a wide range of important roofing material properties such as porosity, fiberglass mat thickness, felt thickness and paper moisture. Indev-ACT’s unique multi-sensor head configuration allows same-spot quality measurements from different process locations for comprehensive product optimization. The ShingleMaster system is a truly scalable platform that allows the customer to configure an optimum measurement and control solution that delivers increased yield and quality while reducing scrap. ShingleMaster will typically produce an ROI of less than 6 months through yield variation reduction and bundle weight optimization.

Indev-ACT can offer many building products solutions from its extensive applications library for shingles, felt, rubber, fiber glass and foam insulation.  
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