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Nygra Coatings’ Flex White Receives Exceptional Cool Paint Rating, Placing It Among Best in Class to Reduce Energy Costs

Nygra Coatings, a pioneer of heat-reflecting paints for commercial buildings and commercial surfaces, today announced that its Nygra Flex White Coating was rated by the Cool Roof Rating Council’s (CRRC) Product Rating Program. As part of testing conducted by a CRRC Accredited Independent Test Lab (AITL), Nygra Flex White Coating was rated as having a solar reflectance index (SRI) of 109, among the top in the industry.

“This rating of our new formulation ranks Nygra’s white cool coating among the best of class,” said Sean O’Brien, Senior Vice President of Nygra Coatings. “While hot climates are particularly impacted by building heat, it is a critical issue everywhere, leading to increased air conditioning usage and costs. Our paints effectively address this problem by dramatically reducing building temperatures and the need for air conditioning while lowering the overall environmental impact.”

Heat-Reflecting Black Coatings Now Available
The company also announced the availability of a breakthrough line of black cool coatings. Also certified by the CRRC, Nygra’s black coatings are the best performing black cool paints available on the market today. These coatings are also available in both Rigid and Flex formulations to meet the needs of different roof surfaces.

“Producing a cool paint in black is a revolutionary breakthrough because traditional black roofs significantly increase building temperatures,” O’Brien added. “Unlike traditional bright white solutions on the market, our product does not reflect damaging heat onto neighboring buildings. Because they don’t produce glare – a significant problem around airports -- Nygra’s black coatings provide a solution for those locations where white coatings are not an option.”

Durable, Thin and Easy to Apply 
Nygra’s coatings also offer several significant advantages.  Whether black, white or other colors, they are 80 percent thinner than standard cool paints and last 75 percent longer, reducing building heat by up to 40 percent. Specifically:
Application of Nygra’s coatings is simple and done using a standard gravity feed spray gun. They require just a single coat at a recommended thickness of only two mililiters.
In addition to Nygra’s top-rated SRI index, its coatings offer the industry’s longest-lasting lifespan. Because of an advanced polymer system, they do not crack and collect dirt, which would result in the coating breaking down in months. They will remain fully functional and efficient for up to 20 years without the need for reapplication.
In addition to black and white coatings, other colors are available upon request.

The cool paints are rated based on the initial radiative property ratings (solar reflectance, thermal emittance, and SRI). The CRRC rates various roof surface products with radiative property values rated under a strict testing program administered by the CRRC. A high SRI indicates that the material has a lower probability to become hot when exposed to sunlight. Hot roofs contribute to high air conditioning costs, one of the biggest expenses for commercial, manufacturing and large residential buildings, particularly in hot, but also in cooler climates. 

CRRC testing demonstrated that Nygra Flex White has an initial solar reflectance of 0.86 and Emittance of 0.90 for a calculated SRI score of 109. 

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