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NACE International Recognizes IUPAT District Councils

NACE International recently recognized several U.S. district councils (DCs) of the International Union of Painters and Allied Trades (IUPAT) for allowing NACE access to IUPAT facilities to utilize them for educational training.

Both NACE and the NACE International Institute said they applaud IUPAT for its ongoing efforts to improve and advance the workforce and industry.  

Councils to receive recognition included DC 4, DC 30, DC 36, DC 3, DC 51, DC 82, DC 78, DC 21, DC 57, DC 16, DC 5, DC 711, DC 53, DC 9, DC 17, DC 6, DC 38, DC 77, DC 7, DC 88, and a location in Hanover, Maryland. Recipients from those councils were awarded plaques at a recent meeting in Orlando, Florida.

“The importance of IUPAT’s attention to detail and quality cannot be understated,” said Keenan Loubser, chief operating officer for certification at the NACE International Institute. “The need for industry certifications, not IUPAT specific, is recognized and embraced by IUPAT. We look forward to working with the IUPAT to ensure that their members get the opportunity to earn industry credentials which can be utilized not only to protect the nation’s infrastructure, but also to further their careers.”

In September 2018, Houston-headquartered NACE welcomed IUPAT to the Houston community upon the opening of the group's DC 88 training facility. NACE officials commended IUPAT’s decision not only to build the world-class facility, but its choice to do it in Houston  — where there is much demand for education and training in finishing trades.

“NACE is honored to have had an opportunity to provide recommendations and expertise in the development of this new facility, and proud to have the opportunity to support IUPAT's upcoming programming,” said NACE CEO Bob Chalker.

“IUPAT’s DC 88 offers potential students and apprentices a world class training facility in Houston,” added Pam Nicoletti, director of education at NACE. “Students who have the opportunity to train at this facility will be learning from industry leaders and will have the opportunity to utilize new technologies, including virtual reality based systems.”

For more information on IUPAT, visit the group's website.

Source: NACE International,