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Thermal Gear Designed for Winter Extremes

To prepare workers for unpredictable winter weather, Ergodyne has announced an expansion of the company’s N-Ferno line within its Tenacious Work Gear brand.

The move is part of a larger campaign focused on educating safety managers and work crews on the keys to preventing, identifying, and treating cold-related illnesses.

New Line Additions

The new N-Ferno additions include the 6812 Ribbed Knit Beanie; the 6838 Solar-Activated Balaclava; the 6819BT Be Tenacious Beanie; the 6802Z Zippered Trapper Hat; and the 6802 Trapper, now available in extended sizes.

“The extremes of last winter really pushed work crews, and their gear, to the limit,” said Alsie Nelson, senior product manager. “These new solutions have been largely driven by worker feedback and demand.”

Versatility becomes paramount in winter work gear as the weather gets less and less predictable, Ergodyne explains, adding that the 6838 Balaclava is designed to provide workers with a variety of options for changing forecasts and personal preferences. The company’s advanced Heaterex technology uses solar rays to create an exothermic warming reaction, amplifying the warming effect of the material up to 15 °F (10 °C). The result is more warmth and less bulk, according to the company.

Utility Improvements

Meanwhile, the 6802 Zippered Trapper Hat with a bump cap insert is designed to boost utility. It can be worn alone or combined with the company’s 8945 Universal Bump Cap Insert to protect against bumps, scrapes, bruises, and other minor head injuries. The patent-pending design features a zippered compartment on the top that opens to fit the insert.

“Being productive through the winter months isn’t about toughing it out,” said Tom Votel, president and CEO. “It’s about planning ahead, taking regular breaks to get warm, and layering up in the right gear. Preparation is key, and our mission is making sure workers have what they need to be ready for whatever this winter has in store.”

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