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Mobile App Brings Digital Tool Management to Jobsites

Specialized tools and fastening systems manufacturer Hilti is bringing connectivity to the jobsite with its new Hilti Connect mobile app. 

“With instant access at your fingertips, Hilti Connect helps you make informed decisions on the jobsite to be more productive,” the company explained in a news release.

Benefits of the App

Tool information, service history, and more are now accessible via the app and near field communication (NFC) tag inside the tool, allowing users to identify the tool on the jobsite and access all its information — even when the serial number is unreadable. 

By downloading the free app to a smartphone or tablet, users can identify a tool; check the tool’s information and service history; determine if it should be repaired or replaced; schedule a tool for repair; learn more about a tool; identify available accessories; and track tool usage information. 

How the App Works

The app identifies the tool type, serial number, company name, and purchase date, while also keeping track of when a warranty or fleet contract expires. It also displays the last time the tool was repaired, how many times it has been repaired, as well as the total amount spent on repair.

Separately, the app provides instant access to specific how-to videos, as well as operating instructions and U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) silica dust standards by tool type.

The app suggests the best accessories or related products for individual jobsite applications. Moreover, through the use of Bluetooth technology, the app tracks tool usage for direct fastening tools to keep users informed on when to clean a tool or schedule a maintenance request.

For more information, contact: Hilti, (800) 879-8000,