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Bio-Based Corrosion Inhibitor for Seawater Hydrostatic Testing

To avoid corrosion with marine resources, Cortec Corp. developed a bio-based corrosion inhibitor specially designed for hydrostatic testing with seawater.

“Hydrostatic testing is an important part of ensuring the safety and reliability of pipes, vessels, and other fluid-related equipment,” the company explained in a news release. “Running high-pressure water through these pieces of equipment before putting them in service is a critical step to discovering any leaks or weak points present.”

“This exercise encounters tremendous cost savings when conducted in offshore environments where there is ready access to an abundant supply of seawater. However, use of this water poses a major problem: the threat of equipment corrosion from the high chloride content of untreated seawater.”

Prevents Premature Failures

In response to this need, Cortec designed the EcoLine VpCI-642 inhibitor to allow seawater to be safely utilized without the danger of premature corrosive equipment failure. The product protects ferrous metals in contact with corrosive, high-chloride fluids by forming a protective layer on metal surfaces and inhibiting cathodic corrosion reactions. Its low dosage of 0.3 percent to 0.75 percent by volume also makes it economical and cost-competitive.

As a bio-based product certified by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the inhibitor is also an environmentally friendly option for corrosion protection during offshore hydrostatic testing.

Environmental Benefits

Chiefly derived from renewable resources, the inhibitor is 93-percent comprised of bio-based content, thus providing a suitable replacement for more hazardous products containing nitrite, chromate, and hydrazine. The product is also biodegradable, with a profile that makes disposal of large quantities of used hydrotesting water more likely to comply with local regulations.

Once the treated water is drained, corrosion protection of the vessel can be extended by rinsing with fresh water containing 0.5 percent by weight of VpCI-609.

The product is not limited to hydrotesting and can also be used as a low-dosage treatment for a wide variety of other applications. This includes corrosion protection during wet lay-up of carbon steel vessels containing saltwater, brine, or high chloride/halogen-content water.

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