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Online Silica Tool Kit for Safety Managers

Keeping workers safe is a complex and time-consuming task for safety managers, who must monitor and understand jobsite hazards and safety regulations while knowing how to best address them for each individual worker.

To assist in this process, 3M works to make information available that can help safety managers with the personal protective equipment (PPE), educational materials, and knowledge they need.

Online Silica Tool Kit

3M’s latest online informational tool kit focuses on silica, specifically the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rule released in March 2016 to limit worker exposure to respirable crystalline silica (29 CFR 1926.1153). Users can learn more about the regulation and resources related to silica at

“As we help employers promote worker health and safety, we want to make it easier for safety managers to find relevant resources and to understand the safety standards and regulations in play on their worksite, and source the right equipment and training needed,” said Don Garvey, a certified safety professional and certified industrial hygienist with 3M’s personal safety division.

Five Key Areas

“In simplifying this process, we hope to free up time for the safety manager to engage and communicate with their workers, and to help them better protect their workers on the job,” Garvey added.

At the site, visitors will find key regulations and regulation updates, videos, fast facts, technical bulletins, infographics, a product selector, and more—all curated by 3M industrial hygienists and certified safety professionals. 3M also outlines five key areas under the new silica regulation, and provides information and resources needed to obtain them.

These key areas include a written exposure control plan; competent person; housekeeping; medical surveillance; and worker training.

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