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SPF Equipment Company Launches New Store

SprayWorks Equipment Group has launched a new online store. Complete with a fully responsive website to help with consistency between different devices and a fully searchable mobile view. In addition to the new store, SprayWorks is also offering special discounts to celebrate.

Some of the store's features include:

Responsive Website: creates consistency between devices
Searchable: full search on all devices (mobile, tablet, desktop, etc.), in addition to a more detailed search, allowing you to narrow down products by category, manufacturer, and more
New Payment Options: PayPal is now available - along with AMEX, Discover, VISA, Mastercard
Simpler Design: We've made the store easier to navigate and find the equipment and parts you need
Today's Offer: a new tab at the bottom of each page to easily see the daily discounts and specials

 For more information, visit Store. or YouTube. Call 330-587-4141.