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Cloud-Based Color Platform Debuts for Coating Selections

PPG announced that its industrial coatings business has launched MEASURECOLOR MOBILE, an innovative, cloud-based color platform that combines a color-matching app and hand-held MeasureColor Mobile scanning device to immediately identify color matches to PPG industrial coatings products and improve the speed and accuracy of color selection

To generate a color match, users can place the MeasureColor Mobile scanner on the surface of virtually any source object, including painted metal, plastic, leather, fabric, drywall, or other material.

How the Scanning Device Works

The Bluetooth-enabled scanning device interprets the color data, calculates the color difference, and promptly sends a PPG color match to the app on the user’s tablet or smartphone, eliminating days of lab work and related production costs.

The customized MeasureColor Mobile platform, developed jointly with the creators of the technology, contains extensive PPG product libraries for search-and-match functions for industrial powder and liquid coatings.

Color matches are displayed by color name, product code, product category, gloss range, and resin chemistry to facilitate quick color selection. Clicking on product codes also gives users immediate access to product data sheets, safety data sheets, cure conditions, and inventory status.

Industry Color Systems Included

The app contains industry-standard color communication and color-match systems used around the world, such as MUNSELL COLOR, RAL, and Federal Standard 595C, as well as thousands of architectural paint colors that can be instantly cross-referenced to a corresponding PPG-stocked color.

According to the company, the MeasureColor Mobile platform increases productivity, improves customer responsiveness, and reduces costs by significantly accelerating the color-matching process.

 “Color matching in the lab takes time,” said Shelley Verdun, PPG’s powder product manager for its industrial coatings business. “With the MeasureColor Mobile scanner and app, results are immediate, so customers can place orders for the products they need right on the spot. Customer confidence in PPG is enhanced with tools and technology that meet their business requirements. We have successfully trialed the platform with our customers, and the feedback has been outstanding.”

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