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ASTM International Calls for Nominations for New Emerging Professionals Program

After two successful pilots, ASTM International, a global standards organization, is expanding its Emerging Professionals program.  The program will provide free airfare and lodging this year for up to 24 participants to attend a leadership development workshop held during an ASTM International conference – “committee week” – where technical experts in their industries create and revise standards.
D. Thomas Marsh, the organization’s board chairman for 2017, is championing the effort.
“It’s crucial that we empower young people who want to be more deeply engaged in creating standards that support everything from consumer product safety to airplane biofuels,” said Marsh, president and CEO of Centrotrade Minerals & Metals. “Society needs the best and the brightest to build tomorrow’s technical foundation for the many global industries housed in ASTM International.”
The program aims to identify candidates who have some familiarity with standards and who have strong potential to be future leaders in one or more of the organization’s 145 technical committees. 
Winning applicants will receive roundtrip airfare to the committee-week location and two nights of accommodations.  During their stay, they will receive: a thorough introduction to standards development, mentoring from a seasoned standards professional in their industry, and a professionally-led leadership workshop on negotiation, consensus building, and problem solving.
The programs and affiliated industries are:
June 27 in Boston, Massachusetts (petroleum) with nominations due April 27;
October 10 in New Orleans, Louisiana (thermal insulation, air quality, performance of buildings, and more), with nominations due Aug. 10;
November 14 in Atlanta, Georgia (steel, plastics, consumer products, plastic piping systems, and more) with nominations due Sept. 14; and,
December 5 in New Orleans, Louisiana (road materials, cement, environmental assessment, and more) with nominations due Oct. 5.
ASTM International members and others are welcome to nominate individuals through  Both nominators and nominees with questions can contact   
This expansion comes as a result of two successful pilots which garnered positive reviews from participants, including Nima Shamsaei, a student at Auburn University. “This was a great experience to become familiar with the elements of standard development as well as to meet peers, ASTM management, and staff,” he said.
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