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Fight Back Against Chemical Attack with Flowcrete Americas’ New Anti-Corrosion Coatings & Linings

Flowcrete Americas has today announced the launch of a new range of anti-corrosive vinyl ester coating and lining materials designed to protect concrete and steel structures from the damaging effects of severe chemical and mechanical attack. 

Damage caused by corrosive materials may not always be visible to the naked eye, but can lead to structural failure or even public safety risks. For storage tank or process plant operators, lost capacity for repairs to corrosion damage or relining can be a serious and costly problem. 

As such, areas of a plant likely to undergo frequent and severe chemical exposure, thermal shock or mechanical stresses – including primary and secondary containment areas – can benefit from ensuring surfaces and structures are protected against the corrosive effects of aggressive substances used on-site.

Flowchem is a new range of seamless, elastomer modified vinyl ester resin systems designed for tough industrial environments including those found in the power, oil and gas, mining and petrochemical sectors, where they act as a barrier to inhibit the contact between chemical compounds or corrosive materials.

Vinyl ester resin – a hybrid of polyester resin strengthened by the addition of epoxy resin - offers superior protection against highly concentrated and aggressive acids, alkalis and solvents including sulfuric, nitric and hydrochloric acid as well as ethanol, butane and methanol.

Flowchem systems provide temperature resistance of up to 350°F, excellent bond strength and abrasion resistance as well as reduced shrinkage, durability and excellent bond strength.

Systems available in the range include Flowchem VE RC, a horizontal and vertical roller applied vinyl ester coating installed at 40 mils, Flowchem VE BC a more robust version installed at 60, 75 or 125 mils with graded aggregates sandwiched in between two layers of vinyl ester resin to provide enhanced traction, strength and impact resistance.

Also available for hardier environments where improved dimensional stability is needed including areas subject to explosion risk or Liquid Nitrogen handling, is Flowchem VE GL, a glass fiber reinforced horizontal and vertical applied system installed at 125 mils.

Chopped strand and/or woven roving fiberglass reinforcements are used to add strength to a lining, increasing the material’s resistance to cracking while at the same time reducing any curing shrinkage and coefficient of thermal expansion.

All systems within the Flowchem range offer clients fast cure properties to minimize downtime and any loss to production.To discover more about Flowcrete Americas’ Flowchem range visit or to trial the product contact