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Little Known Lead Paint Removal Technology is Solving Lead Concerns in Panama

It is estimated that there are more than 1 million workers in over 100 different occupations that may be exposed to lead poisoning. The devastating effects of lead poisoning including mental impairment, reproductive damage, and even death are well known and preventable. In the US, agencies such as the USEPA, OSHA, NIOSH, and the CDC have launched major campaigns to educate and enforce lead poisoning prevention.

This concern is shared internationally as well. This month, a leading Panama environmental consulting and engineering firm, JAP Ingenieros Consultores Asociados (JAP), selected ECOBOND® LBP for assistance on a recent demolition project in Central America. The project is near the historic Panama Canal and because of the presence of lead on various structures, great care needed to be followed in selecting a lead paint treatment product.

JAP selected ECOBOND® LBP because of its ability to seal and treat lead dust and lead in lead paint thereby protecting workers from lead poisoning by sealing the lead dust and reducing airborne lead up to 99%. By also treating the lead, ECOBOND® LBP protected the sensitive environment and rendered lead-impacted demolition waste as non-hazardous for disposal in compliance with canal port authorities.

“We are so pleased that the success delivered in the United States with our patented ECOBOND® LBP lead paint removal technology is now being expanded to the global market to eradicate the harmful effects of lead paint hazards,” stated James Barthel, President and creator of ECOBOND® LBP. “Not only does ECOBOND® LBP workers from lead poisoning, but it also contributes to a reduced environmental footprint of lead and lead waste, it is associated with tremendous cost savings, and time management during most lead paint remediation projects," continued Barthel.

ECOBOND® LBP, LLC is the nation’s leader in developing and distributing products that improve the protection of human health and safety from the hazards of lead in the home, workplace, and the environment. With over 14 years of proven success, the ECOBOND® family of products has been extensively used throughout the US and internationally in successfully treating lead hazards in over 11,000,000 tons of material. To learn more visit