CoatingsPro's Greatest Hits

In celebration of our 15-year anniversary, CoatingsPro is updating the most-read online articles throughout 2017. Each month, we’re sharing updates on one article that ran over the past years — 12 in total. How has the coating system faired? Are there any new updates on the particular subject? Find these out and more in our “Greatest Hits” collection. We’ll be sure to link back to the favorited article so that you can see the original. Check back each month for the next article update. We hope you enjoy.

Greatest Hits: The Adventures of Overspray

For many applicators, overspray is simply an occupational hazard. The high volume of coatings on major jobs puts anything close at risk, and vehicles are easy targets. Precautions are taken, but perfection remains evasive. 
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Greatest Hits: Anti-Slip Deck Coatings

Anti-slip deck coatings or the Navy’s terminology, “non-skid coatings,” are constantly undergoing testing by Navy Research Labs (NRL) and the Navy’s Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) 05 departments with constant input and changes to standard items. 
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Greatest Hits: High-Pressure Injection Injuries

Contractors should respond to high-pressure injection injuries as if they were shot with a liquid bullet — and to avoid dire consequences, such as amputation, time is of the essence. 
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Greatest Hits: A Lasting Polyurea Roof System

Not only did the crew have to contend with inclement weather, overspray, and working at heights, but they also had to come up with a solution to stop the condensation from “raining” on the inside of the building. 
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Greatest Hits: Personal Fall Protection Developments

Fall protection has long been a focal point for industries that have people working at height, with coatings contractors chief among them. This year, fall protection moved from an emphasis to a defined mandate.
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Greatest Hits: The Case of the Yellowed Epoxy

When it came time for the final inspections of visual appearance and dry film thickness, everyone on the project was amazed. The structural steel looked like a spotted cheetah!
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