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California Dreamin’: Clear-Cut Roof Coating

The building, which is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, includes offices leased to companies such as Kaiser Permanente. After a pre-inspection, the foam experts determined that the best solution for the leaky cap sheet roof was to apply a coated spray polyurethane foam (SPF) system.

CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

Hearing Safety

Exposure to environmental noise is one of the leading causes of hearing loss throughout the world. Every day we are flooded with transport, industrial, and recreational noises.

CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

Greatest Hits: Hope, Care, and Roof Coatings

Replacing the 30+-year-old roofs at a school may have been the strategy for many roofing contractors, but for contracting company RoofCARE, roof replacement is seen as a last resort.

CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

On Track With Oxygen Train Recoat

Six chambers, 40,000 square feet total (3,716.1 m²), 65 days. Coating systems that were applied to all walls, columns, and ceilings within the scope of the project. Sounds like a straight forward project, right?

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Coated SPF Plugs Leaks at Arctic Radar Complex

Over the years since, many patching solutions were tried, but nothing ever completely stopped the leaks. As a result, ARCTEC and the U.S. Air Force contacted regional contractor Polyseal Insulation to develop a spray polyurethane foam (SPF) system for the entire 44,000-square-foot roofing area.

CoatingsPro | Coatings Industry Magazine

What to Expect From a Coating Inspector

In many industries, achieving a high-quality result is too important to leave to chance. Moving on is not an option. The stakes are just too high to trust the workmanship to a contract and a handshake.