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Wrap It Up: Aging Water Pipeline Receives Unique Facelift

Even under the best of circumstances, coating an existing pipeline out in the field can be difficult to say the least. If the pipeline is a 60-inch (152 cm) welded steel pipe coated with coal tar and asbestos paper that is located in an environmentally sensitive area, the rehabilitation job becomes even more challenging.

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Tank Lining: Iron and Wine

With the evolution of California wines becoming a major presence in the worldwide market, production and infrastructure needed to protect the fruits of a precious multi-billion dollar industry, which often comes down to a good coating.

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Marine Study: Optimizing Hull and Propeller Performance

Under constant pressure to improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, owners of liquefied natural gas (LNG) carriers are confronted with a vast array of investment alternatives. Recent studies suggest that investments aimed at optimizing hull and propeller performance are likely to be an important part of the answer.

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Tank Coatings And Trout Fishing

Tank coatings and trout fishing? Two worlds that must be kept separate – at least until the work day is over. But what happens when the work day and the fishing hole collide? Well, not exactly collide…but more accurately are separated by a distance of 30 feet (9.14m).

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Tanks For Thanksgiving

For most of us Thanksgiving is a day to be spent with family and friends laughing over food and football. For Paul Flanagan and his crew at AMEX Inc., the Thanksgiving weekend was spent in frigid weather in a race to reline the bottom of an ethanol fuel storage tank.

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Taking on a High Pressure Job Without Getting Tanked

When thinking of industrial coatings, the first thing that comes to mind isn't usually conservation. But when it comes to repairing as opposed to replacing a structure, a quality coating can add years if not decades to its existence, saving a company thousands of dollars in build cost and lost time. However, repairing comes with its own set of pitfalls and challenges, and in the case of an aging riveted storage tank, this meant stripping the existing substrate and a rigorous check for leaks.