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Editor’s Pick: Top 10 Online Articles of 2018

Photos courtesy of Capital Safety, Fluid Power Safety Institute, and South Bay Sand Blasting

This year was a busy one, especially for coatings contractors, so we’ve taken the time to round up 2018’s top 10 articles from CoatingsPro’s website. In case you’ve been too busy to read much lately, this roundup should help you catch up and stay up to date on the popular and potentially useful evergreen topics.

From the looks of what our readers have been checking out online, safety was top of mind in 2018. Six of the top 10 articles pertain to safety in some capacity — from fall protection to epoxy sensitization and injection injuries. The other articles break out into a variety of themes, such as deck-side coatings, garage floor coatings, and surface prep standards.

Here’s the roundup of the top 10 most-read articles in the past year:

10. Inspecting Personal Fall Protection Equipment

9. Anti-Slip Deck Coatings

8. The Reality of Epoxy Sensitization 

7. Tasks Before Tackling Garage Floor Coatings 

6. High-Pressure Injection Injuries (anniversary article)

5. Choosing the Right Respirator for the Job

4. Clearing Up Surface Prep Standards 

3. Injection Injuries: Liquid Bullets (original article)

2. Working Safely With Epoxy Coating

1. Liability Nightmare of Overspray

And here’s to a healthy start to another new year!

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