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How Zinsser Primers Prepare for Professional Paint Jobs

Spring your business into action sooner with a primer like Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 that works in colder temperatures down to 35 degrees.

Easycove | Relationships: Understanding your Core Values

In a world where digital distractions vie for our attention, building meaningful business relationships has become more crucial than ever. Join Heather O’Brien, President of Easycove on this insightful journey, as we dive into the core values that are crucial to business success.

Graco Trumix XT - Variable-Ratio Mixing System

Gone are the days of manually mixing in buckets and worrying about costly mix errors. Graco’s TruMix XT variable-ratio mixing system is a revolutionary solution for mixing 2-component floor coatings. Learn more at graco.com/TruMixXT

Wells Bullard on PPE Trends in 2023 and Beyond

In this sponsored episode, Bullard CEO Wells Bullard looks ahead to the future of personal protective equipment (PPE) for the protective coatings industry and beyond.

Customer Spotlight - Arrow Marine Services

A change in your blast media can transform your process and unleash success. This 10X customer "used the 10X and it was astronomically different. [He'd] never in [his] life ever experienced such clear vision on top of the productivity rate that this media has."

The Safety Behind 10X Superoxalloy Abrasives

Safety is interesting, we usually don’t think about it until it’s too late. Check out our latest video and protect your future.

Harsco Exhibitor Interviewed at AMPP Annual 2023

Editor-in-chief Rebecca Bickham talks with Jonathan Bernard Global Marketing Manager of Harsco Environmental at the 2023 AMPP Annual Conference and Expo in Denver, Colorado. To learn more about Harsco Environmental, click here.

Bullard Interviewed at AMPP Annual Conference 2023

CoatingsPro editor-in-chief Stephanie Chizik talks with Tom Ludwig Regional Sales Manager of Bullard at the 2023 AMPP Annual Conference and Expo in Denver, Colorado. To learn more about Bullard, visit https://www.bullard.com/.

2023 Contractor Awards Ceremony

CoatingsPro Editor Stephanie Chizik announced recipients of the 2023 Contractor Awards and presented awards to those in attendance at the 2023 AMPP Annual Conference + Expo in Denver, Colo. For more information on the program and its winners, read about the awards here.

Induron Talks Ceramic Epoxy Technology Coatings at AMPP Annual

Editor-in-chief Stephanie Chizik joins Davies Hood of Induron at the 2023 AMPP Annual Conference and Expo. The two discuss Ceramic Epoxy Technology Coatings for the Protective Market. To learn more about Induron, visit https://www.induron.com/.

Paint Coming Off the Walls in Sheets

Have you ever wondered why paint peels and chips so easily? Look no further, our upcoming March digital issue features a case of paint failure and what further inspection revealed about the painted panels. Whether an industry professional or a building owner, this will be an interesting read.

LATICRETE Product Manager Talks Latest Product Lines and Alternative to Mechanical Prep

CoatingsPro Magazine's Stephanie Chizik speaks to LATICRETE's Product Manager Ben Lampi about two of LATICRETE's product lines and how they are expected to change the industry by using alternative prep and techniques. For more information please visit laticrete.com.

2022 Contractor Awards Program

Stephanie Chizik, CoatingsPro Editor-in-Chief, presents the best in the industry in the 6th annual Contractor Awards during the AMPP Annual Conference + Expo 2022. Congratulations to all the 2022 awards winners!

Westcoat CEO Talks Temper-Crete and The Importance of Concrete Durability

In this video, you will hear about the steps needed to be taken with Westcoat's Temper-Crete product, including tools needed for proper installation and the chemistry behind their system. For more information please visit https://www.westcoat.com/.

Black Magic blasting abrasive and how it’s changing the industry

Stephanie Chizik, editor-in-chief of CoatingsPro Magazine, and Steve Brooks, Abrasives Incorporated, discuss what Black Magic is and how it benefits the industry. To learn more about Black Magic and Abrasives Inc., visit www.abrasivesinc.com