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New Liquid Epoxy Polymer Concrete

Seal for Life Industries are delighted to announce that POWERCRETE, a trusted brand name for more than 30 years, has launched a new ARO coating – DD 410. This new product joins a strong product line up of Liquid Epoxy Polymer Concrete coatings designed to protect the vital pipeline industry. 

Drawing from our impressive track record in delivering cutting-edge HDD engineered solutions, our latest innovation, POWERCRETE DD 410 offers:

  • 150% faster gel time
  • 60% improved transfer efficiency
  • Best in industry gouge resistance 

The product will be manufactured in our new Houston Centre which opened earlier this year. 

POWERCRETE® DD 410 is a new generation solvent-free epoxy ARO polymer concrete coating that provides high-performance protection to the FBE coated pipe for directional drilling, thrust (slick) bore and pull-through applications. It is specifically designed to be applied directly on the FBE mainline coating of a pipeline to withstand rough terrain conditions. 

“This product has exceptional abrasion, strength, hardness, impact resistance, and adhesion properties, making it the ideal choice for directional drilling projects”, says Mario Moreno, Product Specialist for POWERCRETE. “With the growing reliance on horizontal directional drilling to support urban and infrastructure development, liquid epoxy polymer concrete remains a first-choice technology in the engineer’s toolbox. DD 410 will join the POWERCRETE portfolio as a robust material for tackling the most demanding applications.”

The Houston Centre was the latest manufacturing facility to be opened by Seal For Life and is home to a to a number of brands and is the second location in the area. With 60,000 sq ft of space the facility offers shorter lead times, faster distribution as well as state of the art R&D and testing facilities, and over 200 years of coating manufacturing experience. 

“We are proud of unveiling POWERCRETE DD 410, formulated and manufactured in our Houston facility with top-tier equipment, achieving an annual production capacity of 3 million gallons. A testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in R&D.”, comments Somaieh Salehpour, VP of Strategic Markets and Technology

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