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PIP Unveils First-to-Market Glove Technology

Protective Industrial Products, Inc. (PIP), a global leader in hand protection and personal protective equipment (PPE), announced the launch of its new line of G-Tek VR-X gloves.

These gloves feature a proprietary new coating technology that introduces a new category of multi-faceted hand protection for workers, according to the company. The patent-pending line was designed as the first reusable work glove tested and certified to the EN 374 standard for permeation and microbe penetration, aimed at delivering advanced barrier protection against liquids and microbes.

New Features

The touchscreen compatibility of the G-Tek VR-X line allows crew members to work confidently in most industrial and construction work applications by eliminating the need to remove gloves to operate machinery or devices, thereby helping to provide ongoing protection against the cross-contamination of highly shared surfaces and objects.

The line contains both a general purpose and an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) A3 cut-resistant option, with both fully coated with a specially formulated polyurethane treatment to deliver advanced barrier protection while featuring a thin 18-gauge glove liner for enhanced comfort.

Global Demand

“We believe the global demand for sanitary work environments will continue to grow rapidly over the next few years,” said Joe Milot III, director of product management. “We are committed to investing in R&D [research and development] to create new products that enhance worker protection and productivity through the development of cutting-edge technology.”

The line will be launched across all of PIP’s global entities, as concern for hand protection and sanitary work environments remains a crucial topic in worldwide worker safety.

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