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Finally a Silicone Option to Combat Ponding Water!

SL 850 Roof Ponding Eliminator is a 100% silicone dispersion with various organic fillers to provide a tough, durable surface to low areas of a roof surface. In a nutshell – when used properly, this product will eliminate ponding water on troubled roofs.

As we all know, ponding water can create major issues for flat or low-sloped roofs. Ponding water, especially when coupled with the sun’s UV rays, will breakdown nearly any roof substrate at a more rapid rate. It will also encourage moss and mildew growth; both of which can seep through the substrate and cause serious damage. SL 850 was designed to combat the wear and tear of ponding water by eliminating the ponding areas altogether.

SL 850 is unlike our typical silicone roof coatings. This thick, granular silicone is not meant to be sprayed or rolled like our typical silicone. Instead, it is meant to be poured into the ponding areas and troweled out to achieve a level surface. After applying SL 850 you will then use our high or standard solids silicone to top coat the roof, offering a ponding-free, watertight, UV-resistant roof.

It is important to note that our silicone roof coatings are all naturally resistant to ponding water. PM Silicone does not breakdown under ponding water like other roofing substrates. It is still best practice, however, to eliminate ponding water whenever possible. Aside from wear and tear to the roof, ponding water can create safety concerns for foot traffic on the roof. Because of this, we recommend SL 850 on any roof with ponding issues.

To see all the details on this new product, click here. If you have specific questions about SL 850, please reach out to your Regional Manager.