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London Waterproofing Specialists Is The First In The UK To Offer Pure Polyurea Hotspray Waterproofing Application

London Waterproofing Specialists is one of the first waterproofing companies in the UK to offer Prokol's Pure Polyurea Hotspray technology — an innovative solution that joins the superior performance of pure polyurea with a rapid coating application system.

As an approved applicator of the latest pure polyurea technology and Prokol's other waterproofing and fire-retardant coating solutions, the specialist waterproofing contractors can provide a durable and versatile alternative to conventional coating applications and materials.

Leon Ingram, Managing Director of London Waterproofing Specialists, comments: 'Pure Polyurea Hotspray technology combines superior performance and durability. Currently thought of as the ultimate marine-grade waterproofing solution, this ground-breaking technology is truly remarkable as a protective coating and lining.'

The technology applies a coating or liner up to two millimetres thick, drying in just five to 15 seconds to create a waterproof and fire-retardant structural barrier. Pure Polyurea Hotspray cures at -25ºF to >300ºF (about -31ºC to >150ºC), even in high humidity, making it a versatile, year-round waterproofing solution — including for sensitive applications, such as the inner lining of tanks, swimming pool coatings and boat waterproofing.

Prokol systems contain no solvents or volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and can be recycled, enabling most projects to be delivered with minimal to zero waste. Prokol also offers one of the longest guarantees available on the market; when applied by approved technicians such as London Waterproofing Specialists, Pure Polyurea Hotspray includes a manufacturer's warranty of up to 50 years (subject to application).

Leon continues: 'The protective coating has a wide range of uses across various commercial and industrial applications — from flat roofing, facades and stairwells to car park decks and warehouse floor coatings. Pure polyurea can also be used to form a protective seal around deteriorating concrete structures (for example, to minimise bacterial propagation in cracks and crevices in hospital settings) or line pipes to prevent corrosion.

'With this technology, our technicians can solve the critical water penetration problems and fireproofing issues many industrial and commercial buildings face. Pure Polyurea Hotspray can coat almost any shape, providing the next level in waterproofing technology and a market-leading solution that we are proud to marry with our specialism and knowledge.'

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