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New Resin Helps Achieve Lower VOC Coatings

Georgia-Pacific Chemicals LLC introduces a new resin that can help manufacturers formulate coatings with lower volatile organic compounds (VOC). GP® BKS-2605 resin provides the performance attributes of Georgia-Pacific Chemicals’ successful GP BKS-2600 resin but has the added ability to allow customers to produce a lower VOC coating than that available with GP BKS-2600 resin.
Designed for drum, pail and other rigid substrate coating applications, GP BKS-2605 resin provides outstanding chemical resistance and metal adhesion characteristics. It contains higher solids than the popular GP BKS-2600 resin.

“Lowering VOCs continues to be a major driver for our customers,” says Robert Schlager, Georgia-Pacific Chemicals account manager for coatings. “We are working closely with them to develop products that will help them achieve their specific goals.” 

Georgia-Pacific Chemicals will introduce the new resin at its booth at the American Coatings Show April 10, 2018.

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