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Spray On Truck Bed Liner Coating Made of Pure Polyurea Now Available

VersaFlex Incorporated introduces their new  ROUGHGUARD™ XT,  a 100% pure polyurea bed liner system from the>

100% pure polyurea

Most other "brand-name" truck bedliner materials are produced from polyurethanes and hybrid polyurea/polyurethanes. ROUGHGUARD™ XT is a field proven "industrial grade" 100% pure polyurea system, "Engineered for the Vehicle Protection Market," claims Rudi Rennert, West Coast Sales Representative for VersaFlex.

Increased Strength and Durability

VersaFlex® and ROUGHGUARD™ XT have addressed and eliminated many of the problems that the bedliner applicators still have. The pure polyurea formulation improves moisture insensitivity, reduces UV chalking, and increases strength and durability in the liner/coating. The ROUGHGUARD™ XT is easy to process with no cheap fillers that "water down a polyurea" and that can lead to pinholes and blistering in high humidity conditions.  Superior pigment and UV stabilizer packages offer industry leading chalk resistance as a standard.  ROUGHGUARD™ XT helps add to the bottom line by making the vehicle protection spray process a simple and fast application.  Nominal thickness is 60 - 80 mils which means less time in the spray area, and ultimately higher profit margins with quicker turnarounds.

There are no franchise fees, exclusive territories or stringent purchase requirements. Truck bedliner dealers throughout the USA and Canada now have access to high performance "industrial grade" pure polyurea systems. As long as you have the proper spray equipment and application training, ROUGHGUARD™ XT is available to you.

The Polyurea People

The truck bed industry hasn't seen a new technology or exciting product for years. VersaFlex breaks this trend by proudly introducing ROUGHGUARD® XT 100% pure industrial grade polyurea as our standard truck bedliner / vehicle protection product. Most bed liner brands, offer a line of pure polyurea (some are not even pure polyurea) as their premier flagship top of the line, high priced product. Not the same with ROUGHGUARD® XT. Every drop of ROUGHGUARD™ XT is commercial industrial grade 100% pure polyurea.

The VersaFlex Advantage

Whether you are content spraying truck bedliners and simply need better performing polyurea materials, or you are looking to expand into industrial market coatings and linings, one thing is for sure, VersaFlex has the technical resources and properly engineered materials for you.

The good news is that most of these applications are relatively low tech and can be repeatable, consistent work for the standard truck bedliner applicator. However, if you truly want to explore the world of industrial protective coatings applications, then you need a partner. You need a material supplier with decades of experience and employees that developed polyurea technology. You need a wide range of products suited for a variety of core industrial protective coating and lining markets to choose from. Most importantly you need a  comprehensive polyurea training school  - The Polyurea University.

For more information contact: Versaflex, (913) 321-9000,