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Getting Your Kicks: Coating a Bridge on Historic Route 66

Before Pappas started the job, he scoped out the scene and found that the bridge was in very bad shape. It was so rusted that the steel had become compromised. “It had very deteriorated steel; we had to replace and strengthen and stiffen the steel after we blasted it,” he said.

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Never Again: The Case of the Fire Truck Coating Failure

Various experts including metallurgists, corrosion engineers, fatigue analysts, and welding examiners were able to somewhat agree that the cause of the structural failure was improper weld repair in various areas

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Recoat Brings Brewery Tanks "Bock" to Speed

When neutralization tanks at a German beer production facility were found to have extensive internal corrosion damage, there were two options: replace the tanks or rehabilitate and recoat the inside of them.