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Overspray removal with a razor blade?

Absolutely, if you are Jeff Suggs owner of Paint Overspray Removal International Services of Texas. Watch as he removes epoxy from a damaged truck.

For more information call (877) 715-5663 or visit the company Website: www.paintoversprayremovaloftexas.com.

On Tap at Brewery: New Floors in 3 Days

At Modern Times Brewery in San Diego, the Life Deck Coating Systems had to hop to it to finish the floors with the right solution. Check out the full only-only feature story here.

ROI SPOD Horizontal Pipe Crawler

ROI’s spray unit applies 100 mils of polyurea to the interior of a 36”/900mm pipe in one pass. The exothermic reaction creates a quick cure—allowing the unit to drive over the freshly sprayed coating. For more information visit ROI LLC, (608) 845-0360, www.roi360.com.