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4 Person Temporary Horizontal Lifeline System Kit

To meet the needs of a challenging work environment, FallTech® offers a 4- person temporary horizontal lifeline system with premium polyester double braid rope for up to four workers.   The FallTech®  temporary 4-person horizontal lifeline is a completely engineered system with all of the components necessary to quickly install a complete horizontal lifeline system without the use of tools.

• Features high-strength, durable 5/8" double braid polyester rope lifeline with steel thimble and stitched end-termination.
• Exclusive line tensioner assembly with integral energy absorber and  anchorage-end carabiner.
• Includes 4 connecting rings, 2 heavy-duty pass-through anchor straps and additional thimble-end carabiner.
• 18" gear bag provides suitable storage and  transportation of the HLL system.
• 4-person HLL systems are a component of a complete PFAS and are engineered for use with user's self-retr.acting lifelines or energy absorbing lanyards.

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