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Unbreakable High-Heat Met Guard Boots that Break the Ground, Not Your Feet

Iron Age Footwear proudly welcomes two new models to its Groundbreaker work boot line. The IA5011 adds extra puncture protection for scrapyards, fab shops, waste piles and floors littered with slag and sharp steel. Between a puncture-resistant plate and the Vibram® high-heat rubber outsole, this boot can keep any foot unbroken from the sharpest and hottest surfaces. It also features welted construction, Kevlar® high-abrasion stitching, and a tough steel toe. Even though this boot is extremely durable and tough on the outside, it comes with Iron Age’s premium custom memory foam Bootbed™ footbed.

The IA5019 expands Iron Age’s most popular metatarsal guard offering by showcasing the exclusive Cushguard™ Internal Metatarsal Comfort and Protection Foam in a 6” lace-up steel toe work boot. In combination with the welted Vibram® high-heat rubber outsole and Kevlar® stitching, the IA5019 is a serious boot that is truly unbreakable from any danger from below or above. Protection once again does not come at the cost of comfort with the memory foam Bootbed™ cushioning the bottom of the foot and the Cushguard™ snugging the top.

These models join three existing metatarsal work boots to complete the Groundbreaker series of work boots. With Iron Age’s innovations in comfort and protection for the metals-related industries, the Groundbreaker breaks ground, not feet, all while maximizing worker comfort. “I’m on my feet 12 hours a day on rough and oily surfaces, and the Groundbreakers are, out-of-the-box, the best boots I’ve ever owned,” shares Patrick, a metal fabricator from Southgate, Michigan, who is one of many devoted Groundbreaker wearers. “Other guys in my line are already following along because they wear so well. These are absolutely our new go-to boots.”

Iron Age is set to debut these tough-as-metal boots at the steel industry’s premier event, the 2019 AISTech Iron and Steel Technology Exposition, Booth 3314. Iron Age Footwear is proud to launch its new Groundbreakers in the same city where Iron Age started breaking ground with its founding in 1918. It was in The Steel City that Iron Age became the first protective-toe boot brand in the nation. 

In order to celebrate our innovations and those of our customers in the metals industry, Iron Age is honoring AIST Technology Committee Leaders with a complimentary pair of Groundbreakers at AISTech. These leaders are producing groundbreaking work all across the nation in some of the toughest work environments and largest iron and steel facilities. Iron Age is proud to celebrate these “unbreakable groundbreakers” and their innovations and their volunteer service to the Iron and Steel community.

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