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Allegro Industries Offers A Comprehensive Line of Disposable SAR Hoods NIOSH Approved

Allegro Industries manufactures an entire line of fully disposable SAR hoods. These hoods are designed with the breathing down tube and head suspension completely integrated so the hood is constructed into a one-piece assembly instead of the standard three-piece construction. This design eliminates the need for decontamination of the breathing tube or replacement parts by allowing the entire hood assembly to be disposed of after contamination. Allegro’s comprehensive hood family now includes disposable, fully disposable, and double-bib hood models.

The Maintenance Free Tyvek Hood, Double Bib Fully Maintenance Free Tyvek Hood, and the Deluxe Tyvek Double Bib Hard Hat Hood are constructed from poly-coated Tyvek, which provides vital protection from liquid hazards and dangerous airborne particulates. The Fully Disposable Tyvek Hood is constructed from DuPont Tyvek®, the strongest lightweight material on the market. The Double Bib and Hard Hat models offer additional comfort and protection by allowing workers to tuck the inner bib into garments, thereby conveying airflow down across the body for a cooling effect. The Hard Hat provides even more flexibility for workers who require additional space for a hard hat. The split-air channel design delivers air inside the hood around the temple area.

The Maintenance Free Saran Hood is constructed from a saran-coated Tyvek material. The construction incorporates heat-taped seams, which forms a liquid- and gas-tight seal and provides zero permeability to air and moisture. Offering effective protection from a broad range of chemicals, the Saran Hood is ideal for cleaning tanks; moderating asbestos levels, and handling acids, agricultural pesticides, and chemicals. 

The Tyvek Supplied Air Respirator Hood is lightweight and loose-fitting, especially comfortable for bearded workers. The disposable design is perfect for environments in which respirator decontamination is difficult.

Just remove the down tube and clamp before disposal. All other Fully Disposable Hoods are designed to be used as either low-pressure or high-pressure supplied air respirators. This is made possible by a swivel-style, threaded hose incorporated into each hood’s down tube. The swivel allows the hood to be connected to any one of the three high-pressure flow controllers. The low-pressure SAR hood assembly permits the user to be connected to an 

Allegro Ambient Air Pump or similar low-pressure air-supply source. Allegro disposable hoods are also designed to bring air down across the lens, minimizing fogging and conveying air to the breathing area. The large viewing window provides a wide field of vision, and its generous size makes it perfect for workers with beards or goggles. The disposable one-piece suspension offers easy adjustment with hook & loop closure and an absorbent foam headband. 

The patented breathing tube is completely integrated into the hood, making the tube, along with the hood, maintenance-free and completely disposable. It is flexible, splash resistant, and it seals in air flow. The breathing tube uses foam to offer a unique sound-dampening system, which prevents the tube from being crushed, bent or twisted during use, and allows the system to meet stringent NIOSH requirements for sound levels inside each hood system.

Low- and high-pressure controllers provide flexibility for those working in various environments. The Low Pressure Flow Adapter allows the user to connect to an ambient air pump or other low-pressure air source. It is a low-profile, lightweight, plastic-threaded block that offers the convenience of OBAC quick-connect design with a belt and clip assembly. High-Pressure Controllers include the Adjustable Flow Control Valve, which adjusts airflow from any high-pressure air source. This component offers a large gripping handle that makes it easy to use with a gloved hand. The Personal Air Cooler cools air as it is supplied, making it ideal for working in hot environments. The Air Temperature Controller works as an adjustable air heater or cooler for use in extreme environments. It includes a leather sheath to protect the user from temperature extremes. All three high-pressure air controllers offer Hansen couplers and airline hose with belt and clip assembly, and each meets NIOSH flow requirements at its lowest setting.

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