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Allegro Lightweight Browguard Provides Full Face Protection

Allegro products produce greater comfort, added safety and improved productivity for workers in general welding applications, grinding, cutting, brazing and machining.

The Allegro Browguard is lightweight and lenses provide full face and eye protection against spatters, small particles and non-hazardous liquids. A sleek wrap around design that can be worn comfortably with impact resistant safety glasses. 

The polycarbonate Browguard lenses are available in clear, dark green, IR3 and IR5. Meets ANSI Z87.1 standards.  These lenses are a perfect fit for any job and provide the protection you will want should a grinding wheel break off or particles fly in your direction. Lenses do not yellow over time. The Browguard Hardhat Adapter allows you to connect a lens to a hardhat, with flip-up movement and functionality.

Allegro offers a comprehensive line of products and accessories for Welding and Grinding that include: Action and Hollywood Goggles, EZ AIR PRO Shields and Helmets, Deluxe and Economy Supplied Air Shields, Helmets and Systems, replacement lenses, Portable Fume Extractor, Knee Pads, Storage options, Cooling Products and Lens Care items.

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With thirty years in the safety industry, Allegro designs and manufactures their products for maximum convenience and ease of use in the field. All their products are backed by outstanding customer service, technical support and fast delivery. For more information, please call (800) 622-3530 or visit