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CoatingsPro Magazine Launches New Podcast Channel

To kick off 2021, CoatingsPro Magazine has introduced a new audio channel for its ongoing series of exclusive podcast interviews. Free subscription platforms are available below.

CoatingsPro began hosting regular podcasts in March 2020, with interviews housed under a broader NACE International channel (now the Association for Materials Protection and Performance, or AMPP).

But with interviews and guests increasing in frequency, this channel offers an opportunity to place regular audio content for coatings contractors and the protective coatings industry under one umbrella. In short, it should serve as a “one-stop shop” for targeted discussions pertaining specifically to coatings.

As usual, each weekly episode of the CoatingsPro Interview Series — typically between 15 and 30 minutes in length — will be hosted by Editor-In-Chief Stephanie Chizik or Staff Writer Ben DuBose. Guests include a wide variety of thought leaders for the industry and subject-matter experts.

CoatingsPro’s audience is dedicated to the coatings industry,” Chizik said. “Although much of the broader corrosion world could pertain to the overall scope of what our readers do, focusing purely on coatings in the podcast — as we do in the magazine — will allow us to share pertinent information in a timely manner that specifically benefits our readers. We always want to keep in mind what’s best for our readers, listeners, and subscribers.”

To subscribe at your listening platform of choice, here are the appropriate links:

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·       Podbean

·       Amazon

The AMPP podcast channel will still include content relevant to the association at large, as well as offerings from other AMPP publications such as Materials Performance (MP) Magazine and CORROSION journal. However, the CoatingsPro Interview Series will now live as a standalone offering under a unique channel.

Each CoatingsPro podcast episode will also be available on the Podcasts page at

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