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HOLD*BLAST VISION: Innovative Surface Passivate Visual Inspection Technology

Borchers CHLOR*RID has recently launched HOLD*BLAST™ VISION, an innovative visual inspection technology ensuring ZERO material is left on surfaces before the application of high-performance coatings.

This solution is part of the HOLD*BLAST™ surface passivator product family from CHLOR*RID that prevents the formation of flash rust. HOLD*BLAST™ VISION not only passivates the steel surface but provides for an inspection procedure that eliminates any risk of improper application. Inspection with a UV backlight will reveal if the surface is free from any residual passivating chemistry. This unique technology also removes soluble salts down to structural steel limits at < 3 micrograms per square centimeter.

After wet blasting with HOLD*BLAST™ VISION, fluorescence from the black light indicates whether or not residue has been left on the surface – no fluorescence would mean that no passivating chemistry is left on the surface.

CHLOR*RID International, Inc. is a segment of Borchers that manufactures surface decontamination and passivation products, as well as a full line of salt testing kits. These technologies ensure proper surface preparation for high-performance coatings applications where consistent performance is critical.

Products include:
  • Chlor*Test™ for accurate measurements of surface adsorbed soluble salts
  • Chlor*Rid® liquid salt remover to eliminate salt from surfaces
  • Hold*Blast™ surface passivator for the prevention of flash rust on surfaces
  • Hold*Blast™ VAPOR to prevent flash rust; specifically designed for vapor blasting

Borchers manufactures a wide variety of additives for the paints, printing inks, adhesives, and packaging industries. As a recently added member of Milliken & Co.’s chemical division, Borchers’ focus continues to be on providing innovative solutions and value for customers.

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