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PPG, Dow to Partner on Anticorrosion Coatings for Steel

PPG has announced a collaboration with Dow and its Sustainable Future Program, developed to accelerate the adoption of low-carbon technologies.

The partnership focuses on advances in anticorrosion coating products for steel designed to deliver reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through increased energy efficiency, all while helping to lessen the high maintenance costs of steel infrastructure.

“From the skyscrapers that shape our skylines, to the bridges that connect our roads in the transportation networks, to marine vessels that transport goods and people, steel is the backbone of modern society,” said Dr. Nicoletta Piccolrovazzi, circular economy market director for Dow and global technology and sustainability director for Dow’s Olympic and sports solutions business.

“As a leading materials science company, we can provide solutions that help extend the lifespan of infrastructure and reduce the environmental impact of steel manufacturing and maintenance over the long term,” she added. “Together with PPG, we are providing paint and coating formulators with the ability to offer architects and property developers a next-generation steel coating solution that encourages partners across the value chain to adopt technologies with a lower carbon impact.”

Polysiloxane Technology

Based on Dow’s next-generation polysiloxane technology, PPG says its two-coat PPG PSX coatings, which have a 25-year track record of performance, require fewer coats to achieve the same level of protection from a traditional three-coat system.

This results in less energy-intensive production and application and a corresponding reduction of GHG emissions, fulfilling the program’s goal of advancing technologies that deliver tangible sustainability gains to society.

Compared to alternative systems, PPG says these coatings offer better long-term adhesion and toughness as well as corrosion, weathering, and chemical resistance, even under aggressive exposure conditions. While other coating technologies often requires three coats — primer, intermediate layer and topcoat — the PPG PSX coatings are simple two-coat systems with a zinc primer and polysiloxane topcoat.

According to the manufacturer, polysiloxane requires fewer recoats over time compared to traditional topcoat technologies. In turn, this results in lower maintenance costs for the building owner and a lower associated environmental impact.

PPG PSX Portfolio

The PPG PSX portfolio includes the PPG PSX 700 two-component coating; the PPG PSX One single-pack acrylic siloxane; and the PPG PSX805 epoxy siloxane with a satin sheen. Each of these patented products uses Dow’s polysiloxane resin technology.

“Through this first-of-its-kind collaboration, we are combining PPG and Dow expertise to drive measurable change through carbon mitigation projects backed by Dow’s program,” said Christopher Welch, PPG’s global business development director for protective and marine coatings.

“Together, we have the common goal of protecting steel, one of the world’s strongest building materials, while contributing to a more sustainably built environment for the future,” he added. “Within Dow’s Sustainable Future Program, this collaboration is one of several projects designed to accelerate the adoption of technologies and practices that meet local market needs while delivering carbon emission benefits and catalyzing change across value chains.”

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