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Exciting News from Aldo Coatings

ldo Products Company, Inc., has become ALDO Coatings and is now part of Inland Coatings Holdings, LLC. This three-brand coating platform also includes Inland Coatings of Adel, Iowa and Truco Coatings of Cleveland, OH.

We made the decision to join this coating group and platform as the best path forward to maximize our capacity of our current facility, increase leverage of our product portfolio and grow our brand presence across a greater geographic footprint. Essentially, we are now better positioned to serve the roof coating industry than ever before.   

Most important for all of our current partners is to know this transition will be seamless from your perspective. Our address does not change, our current staff all remains in place and I myself continue to oversee the sales expansion of both the ALDO brand and our strong private label programs. Additionally, I remain personally invested as an equity partner in the business.

All of us at ALDO Coatings are excited about the opportunities this transition brings and look forward to a very successful 2020 together with you! 

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